Mag. Bernhard Doberauer


1982-1985 ÖAF - Freelancer as a seminar-organizer and moderator at the “Austrian Academy for Advanced Management”, Graz/Austria
1986 Graduation as a “Bachelor of Economy“ at the University of Graz/Austria
1987-1989 “Bank Austria” in Vienna. Skills in all fields of finance, and specialization in the department of commercial loans, Vienna, Klagenfurt
1990-1991 TREASURER chief of “Masterbond Trust”, a big broker-company in Cape Town/South Africa
1992-1996 Tax-consultant aspirant, Villach
Since 1996 Independent international management consultant
Since 1997 Procurator and partner at the auditor company “Nord Süd-Treuhand“ Wirtschaftstreuhänder – und Steuerberater GmbH /Villach
1998 Member of the Carinthian Economic Chamber consultant group
1999 Graduation as a „Certified Management Consultant“
2002 Member of “Wirtschaftsforum der Führungskräfte”(WdF)
2003 Member of “Camera di Commercio Italiana per l`Austria”
2005 Member of AIC – Austrian International Consultants Plattform
2006 Member of “ARGE Pro Ethik” of the Economic Chamber
2007 Member of Consultants of the KWF – Kärntner Förderungsfonds
2008 Expansion of operations in Slovenia